He’s the Mac Daddy


Okay, he’s not the Mac Daddy described in the Urban Dictionary of today, but he’s the best dad and friend anyone could dream.  He definitely set the bar high for my sister and I to find a suitable life partner.  And I think we did pretty dang good.  They were both “daddy approved” many years ago.

My husband, Mr. Sugarbears-aka, our dog, and I spent the weekend at the family beach cottage with my dad, mom, sister and her kids.  Instead of putting our boat in the water, we just spent the weekend with dad and his boat.  It’s the boat my sister and I spent many years being pulled on waterskis, wakeboards, hydro-slides, trick skis, saucers….you name it.  It’s the boat that will always feel like home to us.  Daddy used to pull all of our cousins, too.  He taught us all how to ski, how to fish for Spanish Mackerel and mostly how to love and respect the water.

Something about the combination of being at the cottage and spending the weekend playing with the family opened something up inside me.  There is most certainly a small amount of stress related to spending 48 plus hours with your family, but what I find really amazing is the way my heart feels a relief after spending that time together.  I feel such a comfort from being surrounded by such  great love.  My dad has always put his family first and truly loves us.  He swings on his hammock and listens while my sister and I giggle with the kids.  He sits in his chair under the umbrella and watches while my husband and I fiddle with the anchor lines and throw the children around in the ocean.  He sits with the neighbors and tells them stories of his seventy years spent looking at this same view.  He still takes them bbq and looks after their properties as they do ours.  He dotes on momma and delivers her coffee in the morning with a piece of buttered toast.  He then takes our husbands out for some gas station breakfast while my sister and I eat yogurt with the kids.  He’s what all men should be.  He is kind.  He is loving.  He is generous.  He is spiritual.  He is the Mac Daddy.

Love My Daddy

Love My Daddy
I hope everyone was able to spend time with the special father’s in their lives yesterday. Unfortunately, I was unable to see my dad yesterday, but we celebrated a couple of weeks ago. I did have a brief conversation on the phone with him to tell him how much I loved him. He has been an incredible dad. I have spent most of my adult life thanking him and apologizing to him. He sacrificed so much to be a good dad and if you ask him about it he’ll tell you he didn’t do enough. It takes a special man to be a dad. I am so glad that he wanted the job.